Crayons are one of the familiar art tools used by many people, especially children from 3-10 years old. Purchasing a box of lovely crayons with colorful colors, every child will surely enjoy, be excited and enthusiastically create their own funny pictures.

Colokit's crayons with bright colors, very good coverage and adhesion will bring a completely different feel and experience while using. 

The materials and colors are highly safe, contain no toxic substances, protect consumers' health with European safety standards EN71 / 3, EN71 / 9, and American ASTM D- 4236. Colokit products are manufactured from environmentally friendly solar energy.

Diverse products to meet all consumer needs such as small - medium - large wax (jumbo) wax, a variety of wax colors (from 10 colors to 50 colors depending on the product), packaging design flexible package. 

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