• 09/03/2020, 10:37 AM
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The question is: Does art affect your children’s brain?


The answer is YES!


According to research results of the University of Michigan - USA, children who have early connection to the arts will have a higher probability of success in later life.


And the art of drawing is no exception. Why does drawing help the child's brain develop well?


It is simply because drawing helps a child's brain work harder. The more your children work, the more their neuronal connections become functional. Just like an adult getting better and getting used to it will naturally get promoted. Habits are a sequence of things that are certainly good for the brain to follow. So from now on, parents please help children get acquainted with art like drawing or painting.


Colokit’s products will definitely be a great companion for your children on the way to discover the color world with drawing, do you think so?