Fibre Pens

Fibre pen with polyester filament tip, fine, soft and easy to paint.

This product can be used to draw, paint or outline details of drawings after coloring very conveniently. Also, this is an indispensable art tool for children to learn to draw.

The materials and colors are highly safe, contain no toxic substances, protect consumers' health with European safety standards EN71 / 3, EN71 / 9, and American ASTM D- 4236. Colokit products are manufactured from environmentally friendly solar energy.

In developed countries, fibre pens are also a tool to replace pencils to draw sketches, help the paintings become more natural & soulful. This will be a product suitable for diverse painting needs of all subjects. 

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Product Code: FP-C03
Product Code: FP-C01
Product Code: FP-01