• 09/03/2020, 10:00 AM
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Children are usually attracted by cubes and colors; therefore, integrating shapes into color lessons is also a method to deepen the ability of memorizing. The colors will be remembered more easily with creative cubes and shapes.

A pattern is a logical iteration of a shape. At a child's age, there are two types of patterns to look for and practice: repetitive patterns and development patterns (such as small, medium, large). Fortunately, both of these patterns appear in your child's daily activities and practicing them is an extremely enjoyable way.

Color patterns are everywhere: Lego set, my necklace/bracelet, my favorite stacking cups. Parents can create your own unique patterns, using drawing and crafting challenges to create and follow existing patterns.

In this way, children not only memorize colors alone, but they also inculcate details of the shape, their ability to think and relate also becomes more sensitive. It is useful, isn't it?