• 09/03/2020, 10:43 AM
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The natural items can teach your children a lot of interesting things about colors.


Do you know that from the natural vegetables we cook every day, children can easily make a lovely and impressive color scheme that helps them remember longer?


How to help your children learn colors with this vegetable seal game? It is extremely simple. Parents just need to keep the stalks of the cabbage like bok choy, broccoli or potatoes to carve simple shapes like hearts, triangles, squares, and then mix a bowl of Colokit watercolors WACO-C09 and then ... tada each lovely shape will appear under each vegetable stamp. With vegetables that have a special cross-sectional shape: okra, corn (corn), apple, parents please give children a whole fruit/tuber cut in half to spoil playing with colors .


We can help children choose colors to imprint according to the specific color of the fruit. For example: the seal from corn is yellow, the rose from bok choy is green.


This game is so simple that the results are amazing. We can play every week with children and display a whole wall of colorful pictures.