• 09/03/2020, 11:17 AM
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Parents allow children to watch TV and use smartphones too early and more than 2 hours a day will impact them with a bad influence. Although the virtual world contains a lot of diverse knowledge, new practices make children remember longer and think better.


In order to let their intelligence to be developed optimally, Colokit will tell you how to help your children reduce "addiction" to television, phones:


First, parents should explain to them why they should not watch their phone, TV screen for too long with warm and understandable arguments such as: watching TV too much will cause eye strain and as a result, you will wear thick glasses like our neighbor.


Additionally, when kids only watch TV and do not go out to play, you can encourage them to play with friends to improve health, as well as raise social awareness from the surrounding colors or the nature of the trees at the playground. Once the game is finished, you will ask the children things around and reward them for the correct answer.


After that, allow your children to have maximum time to watch TV (no more than 2 hours / day).


Finally, turning the deal into fun and rewarding by flexibly combining your child's virtual - real interest.


In order to make this method more effective, you must also be very patient, both becoming a close friend and an model for children to follow.